An efficient and effective cooling system will ensure that your home or business is a comfortable and pleasant place to be. We have the experience and training in all aspects of the cooling industry to provide you with the best cooling solution. Our cooling services include repair, replacement, installation and maintenance work to meet your needs.

Repair & Maintenance

Getting your AC fixed right, fast, and on your schedule can be difficult, but with us, we make it a breeze. We have flexible schedules, come to your house, when it’s convenient for you. Our service technicians diagnose and repair all makes and models of AC units. Being able to tell when it’s time to call for air conditioning repair service can help you get the most out of your system. Here are some things to keep an eye on related to your AC unit’s performance:

Increased Energy Bill

If your air conditioner is running at less than optimal efficiency, it’s going to spend more time and energy cooling your home. This will become apparent when you see your monthly energy bill.

Unusual Odors

Any odd stench coming from the AC unit could indicate an imbalance or tip you off to a refrigeration leak.

Strange Noises Coming From AC

This indicates the components are not working in sync and something may be out of place inside the appliance. It’s best to contact an expert to inspect the unit.

Climate and Thermostat Doesn’t Match Up

This can happen when there’s a breakdown in communication somewhere between your AC unit and the thermostat.


Scheduling regular tune-up for your HVAC system will save you from exponentially costlier repairs in the future and extend the life of your unit. Our expert technicians will go through AC Tune-Up and Cleaning, which includes:

  • Heater safety check
  • 1” high-efficiency filter replacement
  • Air distribution check
  • Thermostat: Test, calibrate, and level
  • Condenser Coil: visual inspection
  • Refrigerant: monitor operating pressures
  • Perform a heater safety check and an air distribution check
  • Test, calibrate, and level the thermostat
  • Visually inspect the condenser coils
  • Monitor the operating pressures of your coolant


When your air conditioner is acting up, it can be difficult to know whether a repair will do the trick or if a new air conditioner is needed. At Air Comfort Mechanical, it is our goal to provide the most cost-effective solution for AC problems, including air conditioning installation and HVAC services.

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